Wedding Day Makeup Mistakes

 Wedding Day Makeup Mistakes


We’ve all been there, either as the bride ourselves or attending the wedding of someone we know—the makeup the bride wears on her wedding day is something that has great importance and needs to be considered with caution. I can’t begin to tell you how many weddings I have gone to where the bride thought she was going to the club rather than getting ready to recite her vows. Do you know what I mean?

So here are a few things to stay away from lest you consider them wedding day makeup mistakes:


1: Stay away from bold eye shadows. Now is not the time to experiment. Maybe you’re having a holiday wedding and think silver and gold may be appropriate, but let’s leave that to holiday ornaments. Or those trendy new colors from your favorite cosmetics company are all the rage, but save them for another day. Keep your eye shadow simple, clean and neutral toned.


  1. Avoid shimmery blushes.Sure they’re pretty, but you want the focus to be on your dress that you mortgaged your left leg for not the glistening at the apples of your cheeks. Keep your blush more natural looking and matte.


  1. Don’t try to match your foundation yourself.There is nothing worse than watching a Mortician look alike walk down the aisle or even worse, someone looking like a Sunkist with that foundation line at their neck. Find a local makeup artist at a trusted salon or department store counter weeks in advance and have them match the correct foundation to your skin tone. Or even better get a makeup artist you trust and let her deal with it’ she’s the prow!


  1. Avoid trendy lip colors.Sure it could looks amazing any other day of the week, but your wedding is not the time to make the statement that you are indeed the trendsetter that you are. Stick with a simple lip color, matte or dewy, that is a complement to your eye shadow and blush to complete your overall look.


  1. Do not wear mascara that is not waterproof.This should be common sense and the most obvious, but how many brides have you seen with that black trail of mascara tears? I know it’s difficult to part with your mascara that you are used to, as amazing as it is, but opt for waterproof mascara to avoid the biggest makeup mistake of all.


Mazal tov!!!


Elisheva Abraham – Makeup Artist