Makeup for Brides

On your wedding day, you are queen!  It is your day – a day that you are at your most beautiful – and you are the center of attention!

For every bride that walks towards the chupa, it is a once in a lifetime moment.  All eyes are on you.  Choosing the right combination of the dress, the hairstyle and the makeup will make all the difference.

Your face will be the focus of all the pictures, so you must make sure to select a makeup artist who will create the perfect look for you.

You must ensure that the makeup artist you choose uses only professional products that will blend perfectly and naturally with your skin, and most important, look good on camera.  Makeup that ensures flawless coverage.  A glowing look that will hold up for many hours.

It’s important that the makeup artist know how to create the precise look that you desire – a look that will make you feel beautiful yet look like you.

A unique look that will blend harmoniously with your hair and dress.  A look that will ensure that you are the main focus as you walk towards the chupah.

Don’t try to look like someone else – let your true beauty shine through at its very best.

Bridal makeup is specialized and professional, created specifically for the bride and her needs on her wedding day.

Today, bridal makeup is a “must” for every bride.  It usually is done in bridal salons, but recently the trend is “at-home makeup,” saving you having to run from place to place so you are ready for the photos, calm and relaxed.

It’s recommended that you begin the process with an initial consultation called “trial makeup,” saving you any “surprises” on your big day.  This is the time to bring your ideas, your thoughts and the colors and style you usually use.  During the consultation, you can get an idea of the expertise of the makeup artist, and agree to all the details that will make you happy and calm.

So how do you make the right choice?

It starts with a good first impression.

  • Is the makeup artist experienced?
  • Does she have a website where she displays her work?
  • Referrals are great – get recommendations from friends who got married – nothing like a friend’s opinion!
  • It’s very important to have good chemistry with your makeup artist – the kind of chemistry that calms and makes you feel good.  Don’t compromise on this!
  • Flexibility and proximity – check if the makeup artist can come to wherever you are on your wedding day.  Not everyone provides this service.
  • Price is an important factor, yet a complicated one.  It doesn’t make the decision any easier.  The price range for bridal makeup runs between 500 to 3500 NIS.  Some salons offer a package deal with the dress, and though this can be tempting, the price might be lower because makeup is not their main expertise.

I hope you choose the right makeup artist that will know how to emphasize the wonderful things that nature blessed you with, and who will match the makeup to your personality and your event!


Congratulations!  And Good Luck!