Beauty Makeup

Beauty Makeup

Professional beauty makeup is done by a certified makeup artist. It is important to choose a makeup artist  who has experience in beauty makeup


There are makeup artists who come home to you and there are professional makeup artists in bridal salons who will be happy to give you the perfect evening makeup just for you


There are women who prefer to have all the beauty care under their roof – hairstyle, evening makeup, nail arrangement and the like and leave the event ready for the event and there are women who would prefer to order a professional makeup artist for their home, who will come with all the necessary equipment


When it comes to really important events, such as weddings or a bar Mitzvah celebration for the child, we recommend that you try makeup before the big evening to adjust your makeup and make sure you really like it


Professional Beauty Makeup – How to choose a professional makeup artist


Not everyone who has undergone a short makeup course can make quality, durable professional makeup over time. So, when choosing a professional  makeup artist, check a few things


• It is very important to choose a professional makeup artist for whom we have
received recommendations from companies and satisfied customers.


• It is very important to see makeup artist’s evening makeup. Every professional makeup artist holds a portfolio, from which you can be impressed about the way of makeup, color combinations and their suitability and more.


• It is important that the makeup artist is close to your place of residence or event.


• It is recommended to check which products the makeup artist uses and whether they are intended for evening makeup.


• If you have decided on a professional makeup artist, it is very important, as stated, to try makeup.


Professional beauty makeup – important highlights

Evening makeup is a professional makeup that is different from our daily makeup. Professional beauty makeup, even if delicate and noticeable, will glow and highlight the facial features in a flattering way.
Professional evening makeup should be tailored to the occasion, and the professional makeup artist should know exactly which look will suit you and the outfit you wear – a dramatic example look will fit into an event such as a wedding and elegant dress.
It is very important that the makeup products are suitable for evening makeup and are durable for several hours, under any conditions – heat, sweat, water and the like. In addition, it is important that the makeup fits the different lighting conditions and looks best in any kind of light – weak or strong