Bat Mitzvah Makeup

Many girls are unaware of the makeup rules, how to apply what is applied and how to differentiate between makeup and Bat mitzvah and makeup for older women.

Bat Mitzvah makeup usually emphasizes the delicate characters of the girl’s face and is mainly intended to emphasize her delicate and young beauty.

And who should be the makeup artist?
It is worth thinking what will make the young girl wants before the event.

If the girl’s mother or one of her relatives does not know how to professionally do makeup, it is perfectly possible to use the services of a professional makeup artist!

And what should be the level of coverage?

Bat Mitzvah makeup base, as opposed to bridal or evening makeup for women, should not cover and hide many skin blemishes.

If there is a need to apply a cover layer to the face, you can use a gentle makeup that will suit young skin and will usually suffice to cover small pimples and slight redness.

Conversely, even if you decide to give up makeup, is it really advisable to blend the face with a transparent powder that sets the makeup and makes it look even.

Blush? yes or no?

It is nice to emphasize to the Bat Mitzvah girl a gentle and natural look of blush, it is not recommended to use a dark or bold blush. Blush with a subtle pinkish or light peach to compliment the girl’s skin. You can also use a bright pink silhouette and spread it on your cheeks with a brush to create a fresh, natural look.

Bold eyes? or not?

Most often when we think of evening makeup or event makeup we imagine a smoky eye drawn in black mascara and eyeliner.

But for young girls it is not advisable to put on dark makeup, which is more suitable for older women as it will make them look older and disguised.

Bat Mitzvah makeup is supposed to emphasize the girl’s natural beauty and create an innocent and doll-like look, rather than a heavy, smoky look suitable for older ages.

Therefore, Bat Mitzvah makeup will include lighter shadows, in soft shades of pink, blue, purple, green or light brown. It is also advisable to apply the lashes with a transparent mascara that will emphasize the lashes without compromising the overall appearance.


On the lips, it is recommended to apply a gentle and glossy lip gloss that will highlight the lips in a gentle way that suits young girls.